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Thank you again for helping to create a very different space for me to be in, in such a short time - a big shift! 
Steve Mulligan

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Jean Black. I found the whole experience very beneficial and with her assistance was able to quickly initiate changes that would enhance my life. The natural talents that she has means that she possesses an excellent ability to listen, even to the spaces between my words, but also probe, encourage and gently push me, keeping me moving forward towards my goal. I felt very relaxed and comfortable with Jean and she was not afraid to introduce humour to our sessions without losing sight of our focus and objectives. I would strongly recommend Jean as a life coach to anyone looking for assistance in improving their life, handling change, help clarifying their goals and what they are about or just to help you move forward.
Adrian Green

Following our recent coaching sessions I felt I must write and thank you for guiding me to such a quick and dramatic change in my relationship with my staff, friends and familyI was experiencing a tendency to over-react to certain situations which was not helpful in my day to day working environment and obviously having an effect with my family at home.  In a very short space of time you have helped me put things in perspective and arm me with the tools to handle many situations without permanently damaging my relationships. Additional to this your coaching has enabled me to gain more insight into other aspects of my life.  Consequently I am now able to enjoy my working day, process more work now than I have ever done, leave the work at work, and get a full nights sleep, which is something I have not been able to do for years.

I realise everyones needs vary but your ability to draw on what appears to be vast experience has left me constantly recommending you and always leaving a session amazed at having discovered some new technique which I can apply to my everyday life. Thank you.
Kevin Pallett, Director of Sovereign Electrical

I would like to thank you for your service as it has helped and given me a different outlook when placed in certain situations, one of which happened today which I thought I handled very well, which would not have been the situation before I came to you. Once again thank you very much
Dean Floyd. Director of Chigwell Constructions

Ms Black has now helped us with 2 consecutive consultancy projects:
The Jacob Project had run through a pilot programme and we needed to assess its areas of strength and weakness and to plan for a new project to coincide with a new funding regime.
A grant from a government department to enable us to assess our effectiveness and look at ways of linking into existing national structures.
We have worked with Jean steadily over the last year. Jean Black has been a welcome asset throughout this time. She has the ability to cut through flannel and ask direct questions without being in any way threatening or inappropriately challenging. Her feedback is carefully structured and well thought-out, and she is able to both present her views clearly and yet be willing to engage in positive discussion when alternative views are presented. If a typical consultant is someone who listens to you and then feeds back the same material in a new way, then Jean is not typical. She has the ability to develop her own insights and views so that her input adds a new light on issues or situations and this has proved extremely valuable as weve sought to move TFG forward.
In short, I have found TFGs association with Jean enormously helpful. We have been stretched and challenged by her input, and I would recommend anyone managing a charity or business to talk to her where they are genuine about seeking a new perspective on their situation.
Roger Taylor, Director of TFG

I would warmly recommend Jean as a trainer. I manage a Barnardos project in the London Borough of Waltham Forest working with disabled children, young people and their families. Jean designed and led a two day course on working with death and bereavement. She consulted closely with myself and my colleagues on the course design to ensure that it met our requirements and then delivered the training is a way which enabled us to participate and share painful experiences. She also provided us with tools to understand bereavement and to move forward in our work both with the families and internally as a team. We found her to be well informed, intuitive and flexible in dealing with our learning and emotional needs.
Andrea de Berker, Childrens Service Manager Barnardos Hamara Family Project


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