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To make an appointment with Jean,

telephone 020 8599 4351

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Jean Black is a Professional Coach and offers highly effective coaching that values creativity.  Coaching empowers you to enhance your feeling of fulfilment in life.  Jean provides you with the opportunity to be facilitated, supported and encouraged to explore patterns of thinking and behaviour that help you to thrive. You will be inspired to reach personal and/or professional goals.  

The coaching partnership with Jean will enable you to:-

  • Focus on present-moment problems
  • Help you identify what stops you from reaching your full potential
  • Clarify what action you need to take
  • Develop new skills and attitudes
  • Build on successes and plan effective future strategies
  • Create a life that is fulfilling and balanced
Through a process of action and learning, you will make desirable changes in many aspects of your life.  The overall aim is to achieve higher levels of enthusiasm, confidence, and imaginative problem solving.   Jean’s ultimate goal is to support you to reach your full potential. Association For Coaching Logo

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